About Us

Youngquist Brothers

From Southwest Florida to North Dakota, Youngquist Brothers has the equipment and experience needed to reliably perform a variety of injection well drilling and oilfield services.


Youngquist Brothers, Inc. has been a family owned and operated Fort Myers based well drilling business for over 40 years. YBI services the injection well industry throughout the state of Florida. We strive to offer honest, quality service to each one of our clients.

North Dakota

Our North Dakota facility, situated on 50 acres, is located just outside Williston, ND in the city of Alexander. It boasts a fully functioning fabrication shop, offices, and housing units for over 160 employees. The Trucking Services Division, Well Servicing, and Wireline Divisions are operated out of this facility, serving the States of North Dakota and Montana.


  • In 1971, after having worked with their father in residential well drilling, Tim and Harvey Youngquist established their own drilling business right after high school. At first, they worked alone — selling the jobs, performing the work, repairing the equipment, keeping the books, and planning for the future.
  • In 1977 the company was incorporated and became known as Youngquist Brothers, Inc.
  • YBI initially drilled residential water well. They then progressed to larger agricultural and then municipal wells.
  • In 1983, Youngquist Brothers, was awarded their first Class I injection well contract.
  • Youngquist Brothers integrated full service geophysical logging into the business in the late 1980’s, giving YBI the lead in vertically integrated well drilling in south Florida
  • Youngquist Brothers continued the vertical integration in the early 1990s by introducing the full service cementing division. By adding the cementing division, YBI was able to offer complete package well drilling services, without relying on outside contractors.
  • In 1993, YBI introduced Rig 111, the first rig built to drill deep injection wells in south Florida. Rig 111 also had the distinction of being the first top head drive drill rig in YBI’s fleet. Rig 111 also incorporated a unique mobile track system allowing it to move from well to well.
  • In 1998, YBI introduced Rig 222, similar to rig 111, but with many advancements of technology and experience.
  • Early 2000’s the second generation injection well rigs were put into use.  Rigs 248, 311, 411, and 511
  • 2007 the E-rig was designed in house for the purpose of meeting the increasing demands of the injection well market.  The rigs were deigned using 100% electric which greatly reduces noise pollution and the need for thousands of gallons of diesel fuel on the job site.
  • 2008 the E-rig drilled the first well in Cape Coral using electric from the FPL power grid.
  • 2012 Youngquist Brothers Oil and Gas was started in North Dakota
  • 2014 the 10th rig is put into service in ND and the mancamp expanded again to accommodate over 160 employees.