YBI Cementing Division

YBI Cementing Division

One of the specialty services establishing Youngquist Brothers’ industry leadership is the cementing division. The cementing division crews work in lockstep with drilling and logging teams for maximum efficiency and precision.

With decades of experience in complex, large-diameter wells, YBI cementing personnel have pioneered revolutionary techniques and technology to ensure consistent and effective cementation programs.

Because accurate density control and specific mixing energy are critical for a high-quality cementing operation, YBI uses turbine flow meters to control water mix and our YBI Automatic Density Control (ADC) system to maintain fluid densities.

As a result, the cementing process is improved in several key areas. YBI is able to maintain exact slurry density and pumping rates, allowing for the most consistent cement to casing bond.

Youngquist Brothers also has the ability to pre-hydrate or dry-blend cements for optimal bonding, strength and durability between the well bore and casing.

YBI is able to offer sulfate resistant Class H cement blends when the project requires.

Youngquist Brothers can also provide and place CO2 resistant cements.

The leading cement specialist in Florida, YBI cementing division is one of the specialty resources enabling Youngquist Brothers to consistently achieve efficient, high-quality construction of large-diameter wells.