E-Rig designed and built in house.

E-Rig designed and built in house.

Leaning on close to forty years of well drilling experience, Youngquist Brothers well drilling division is the leader in large diameter deep well drilling.

The introduction of the E-Rig has kept Youngquist Brothers at the leading edge of drilling technology. Youngquist Brothers clients have been giving the new E-Rigs outstanding reviews and feedback.

Youngquist Brothers expertise goes beyond drilling to include advanced coring, packer testing, and when required directional drilling.

YBI is competent in both mud drilling and reverse air drilling techniques, the latter of which is required to drill in many complex formations related to large diameter deep wells.

YBI has also incorporated 7” drill pipe that is specifically engineered for large wells. This drill pipe was manufactured at Youngquist Brothers fabrication shop.

The YBI E-Rigs are 3rd generation well drilling rigs. There have been many advances on the rig systems, but in terms of drilling, none are as obvious as the Auto Drill system.

Youngquist Brothers technical engineers worked to bring the fully automated drilling software to fruition. The YBI Auto Drill system is a major advancement.

The YBI Auto Drill system allows the rig to run autonomously under the guidance of the driller and the superintendent. The driller simply inputs the desired drill operating parameters and then turns the systems to the auto drill position. This allows for the well to be drilled under very consistent conditions and helps to eliminate a lot of the operator error found in manual drilling operations.

One of the main benefits of the Auto Drill systems is the amount of feedback that can be supplied. The superintendent and driller can easily track and set the Weight on Bit, Rate of Penetration, RPM, Pump Pressures, Reverse Air Pressures, and many other variables. All of this information is then made available in powerful trending software to the client that allows for quick analysis of down-hole conditions.

The YBI Auto Drill system is also wirelessly connected to the internet allowing for Youngquist Brothers management and clients to monitor the progress of the rig remotely.

Youngquist E Rig


Youngquist Brothers is a forward thinking company. We are constantly considering the challenges that will be coming in the future and how to get ahead of the curve.One such way in which YBI has focused on the future is in our constant commitment to reducing our fossil fuel consumption and minimizing our carbon foot print.

In the most direct way possible, YBI committed itself to this challenge by building the E-Rig Series of deep injection well drilling rigs.The new E-Rigs have enable Youngquist Brothers to reduce our fossil fuel consumption by up to 90%. We have also been able to reduce the amount of fuel stored on site by as much as 95%.

In addition to the E-rigs, the entire mud system, air compressors, and other support equipment was also converted to electric power.By reducing our consumption and storage needs on site, YBI has been able to greatly reduce the risk of accidental leaks and/or spills on environmentally sensitive projects.

As Youngquist Brothers rigs generally work on 24-hour drilling schedules, and more and more projects are being built in residential areas, the challenge of reducing the impacts from noise became a serious concern.

In order to mitigate permitting challenges and complaints from the surrounding neighbors, Youngquist Brothers worked diligently to reduce noise on the rig site.

Youngquist Brothers E-Rigs operate so quietly that neighbors hear little or no noise at all. Drilling crews can easily converse on the working floor while drilling is underway, making for a much safer environment as well. All of this was previously impossible with diesel engines running.

YBI is able to operate the E-Rigs in some areas on a 24 hour schedule, where in some cases a diesel operation would be daylight only, greatly increasing the duration of the project.