Pump and Swivels

Well Service Pump

This 600 HP Triplex pump was designed and built in house.  Over the last two years 20 pump skids have been built.  The pump including a 10bbl mixing tank is mounted on a compact skid that is only 26 feet long and 8 ½ feet wide. It is powered by a Detroit Diesel 14L DT60 series engine and an Eaton 10 speed manual transmission. In addition to the DT60 the pump design includes a 50KW John Deere diesel generator. The generator is used to power the centrifugal pump but has ample power to supply power to a dog house, rig lights or other auxiliary load.

Control and monitoring of the pump skid is accomplished using a portable tethered Control Box. Standard tether length is 150 feet. This allows the control box to be placed on the rig floor if desired. The Control Box provides the following functions:

  • Monitoring of all the basic engine parameters (oil pressure, oil temperature, coolant temperature, exhaust gas temperature, transmission fluid temperature, engine RPM, system air pressure, etc)
  • Monitoring of pump parameters including BBL/min, Totalizer, Pump Pressure, Centrifugal pump pressure, pump oil pressure and temperature
  • Alarm conditions are clearly shown on the screen and signaled by a high output strobe light when operating conditions exceed pre-set values, for example if engine RPM is between 800-900 RPM clutch is not fully engaged and alarm warns operator to increase RPM.
  • Control of the two downhole and one re-circuating high pressure valves. These valves are pneumatically controlled using 4” cylinders.
  • Manual Throttle control using a potentiometer. Full “Cruise Control” of the pump system allowing the operator to precisely maintain a constant pump rate regardless of pressure.
  • E-Stop of Engine
  • A 10 BBL mixing tank complete with a dual blade mixing motor.
  • Four Explosion Proof LED lights to provide exceptional lighting of the mixing tank, pump fluid end, and main engine
  • A cold weather pack includes a programmable Webasto diesel power heater. This heater can circulate warm water through the engine block ensuring an easy start even at -40°F.
  • 2 Micron By-pass filters on engine, generator, and transmission fluid
  • Storage of 300 feet of 1502 pipe, 6 hose loops, and dedicated storage space under pump for 90°’s and swivel joints

Triplex Pump Performance Data

Youngquist Triplex pump curve


Power Swivel Fleet

Our power swivel fleet includes the latest in power swivel technology available from Venture Tech with six XK-90 power swivels.  The XK-90 has a max torque of 6,000 FT-LBS and a max speed of 150 RPM.  The static load rating is 90 tons with a 69 ton dynamic load rating at 100 RPM.  Our fleet also includes Bowen 2.5 and 3.5 swivels.

XK 90 Power Swivel

XK 90 Power Swivel